Target Market Determination

Target Market Determination

Prepared by Cash Smart Pty Ltd ABN 37 111 606 127, Australian Credit Licence Number 388992

This Target Market Determination (TMD) applies to Small Amount Credit Contracts.

Customers wishing to apply should refer to our Credit Guide and Terms and Conditions located on our website.

Date Effective : 25 January 2023


The products and associated product attributes to which this TMD relates are:

Small loans from $100 to $2000, repayable over 4 to 26 weeks (Small Amount Credit Contract) as defined in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act(2009).

Key attributes of our products:

  • Fixed Term loan – 4 weeks to 26 weeks
  • Fixed Fee – 20% establishment fee and 4% fixed monthly fee
  • Regular fixed repayment amounts repayable weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • A personal loan only
  • No security required
  • Access to Hardship policy and customer service
  • Easy to understand and transparent contract
  • Straight forward and concise application process

Target Market

The target market to which this TMD relates are consumers who:

  • Are looking for a regulated loan of an amount between $100 and $2000
  • Require a loan term between 2 weeks to 26 weeks
  • Australian Residents
  • Looking for a fixed repayment period
  • Can afford to repay the loan
  • Want the funds promptly, they cannot afford a drawn out application process
  • Over 18 years old

The target market specifically does not include consumers who:

  • Are under financial hardship
  • Do not qualify under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act(2009).
  • Cannot afford to repay the loan
  • Are not of legal capacity
  • Have repayments on all SACC loans in excess of 10% of net income

Intended Use of Product

The product may be used for but not limited to:

  • Cover a short term cash shortfall
  • Unexpected bills for example fridge repair
  • One off expenses eg. Car registration
  • Purchase of white goods


Review as to whether key attributes meet the target markets needs :

  • Loan terms remain fixed and short term allowing consumers access to finance for unexpected and infrequent expenses
  • Loan amounts equate to requirement for loan so consumers less likely to overborrow keeping repayments more affordable without hardship
  • Consumers who do not have substantial assets to secure loans can still access small, short term finance
  • Application process is online, transparent, no obligation, and takes a few minutes
  • Contracts are short, legible and easy to read
  • Easy access to customer service during normal working hours

Product suitability

Historical data over last 12 months indicates that we are meeting our products attributes

  • Low default rates
  • Low repayment decline rates
  • Low hardship application rates
  • Low customer complaints


  1. Our distribution channels present our product appropriately to the consumer by:

a. Online via our website which

  • contains no misleading or deceptive information
  • contains all relevant documentation and information required by law
  • does not contain unsolicited offers

b. Instore at our branch

  • All relevant information easily accessible and offered
  • No misleading information offered
  • All staff trained with regular ongoing on the job training and updates
  1. Voluntary Distribution Conditions

No loans to customers who:

  • do not meet one or more of our requirements
  • who are unable or unwilling to repay via direct debit
  • do not meet the Government benefit 20% of income repayment rule
  1. All our products are distributed in compliance with our responsible lending obligations


  1. Review Period
  • TMD will be reviewed within 12 months of previous TMD date
  • As required when a trigger event occurs ( see below)
  • A new condition is required
  • If we decide an early review is necessary
  1. Review Triggers

A review will be triggered if:

  • A significant change to terms and conditions of a product is made
  • ASIC or AFCA inform us of any irregularities in the TMD
  • There is a 20% increase in complaints to AFCA over a 3 month period
  • Default percentage increases by 20% over a 3 month period
  • Hardship applications increase by 20% over a 3 month period

When a review is required this will be done by the responsible manager who will report to the board within 2 weeks of a trigger event or annual review indicating whether

  • a trigger event occurred
  • action is required to ensure compliance with our Design and Distribution Obligation
  • a product review or redesign is necessary
  • a product must cease to be offered