Instant Cash Loans No Credit Check

What are No Credit Check Loans?

Personal loan lenders must look at a minimum of 90 days bank statements in order to help asses a loan application. Because they are often looking at your personal cash flows and assessing for affordability, they can choose not to perform a Credit Check.

There are a few Credit Bureaus in Australia that lenders can use, each offers a slightly different approach to scoring your credit score or history.

The two main Credit Reporting Agencies are Equifax and Experian. If you would like access to your Credit file you may visit the following sites for help

EquifaxCreditsavvyGet Credit Score

What are Instant Cash Loans Australia?

Once you are a current customer of Cash Smart we can provide instant cash loans under certain conditions which include having a clean repayment history with us, having no outstanding SACC loans, providing us with relevant information such as 3 months banking history and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot always provide Instant Cash Loan if you are a brand-new customer as we need to do full assessments and gather various bits of information from you. If you are a new customer you can always check out our Personal Loans here and see if we can help you.

What do I need to do for an Instant Cash Loan?

We require certain information and details from you. Here is a list that will help when you apply. This list may not be exhaustive and we may require more information but we will contact you when we do.

  • Over 18 Years Old
  • 3 Months of Current Bank Statements
  • Direct contact mobile number
  • Current Email address
  • Be an Aussie

Can I apply for an Instant Cash Loan no credit check?

If you need to apply for a loan with Cash Smart for any of the reasons below for amounts from $300 up to $2000, over 4 to 24 weeks, then just APPLY NOW

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How much do Instant Cash Loans cost?

  • For all our loans from $300 to $2000 over 4 to 24 weeks our costs are as follows
  • 20% Establishment Fee on Loan Amount
  • 4% Monthly Fee on Initial Loan Amount
  • $20 for a Dishonour Fee
  • $20 for a mIssed payment Fee

What’s the process for a no credit check loan?

Apply online and the application will take you through all the necessary steps. We will also gather information such as bank statements during this time. Once we have all the details, we will start getting your application authorised. This usually does not take long at all and before you know it, we will be in touch, hopefully with a positive response to your request.

Once we have confirmed everything and the loan is approved the money will be transferred to your account. Normally, the worst-case scenario is you get the money the same day you applied and often even quicker than that. Remember to have all your details ready when you apply.