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Small Loans Fast- that’s what we do.

Small usually means up to $2000 because above that amount most lenders will want to take security over an asset you own. Usually that would be a motor vehicle. Securing a loan can be a pretty easy process but it will take longer than not taking security, so faster loans are likely to be unsecured. So, Small Loans Fast means a loan under $2000 that is unsecured- and that’s what we specialise in. Most of our loans are for a period of 24 weeks, that’s a little less than 6 months. So they are fast to repay too. We have no minimum period and no early settlement fees- so you can repay as fast as you want to.

In the beginning

We’ve been providing small loans fast for over 15 years now. We started in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, in Goodna which is actually in Ipswich city council area. We then expanded to Browns Plains and Logan which are both in the Logan city council area. We also opened stores in Stones Corner, Brisbane City and Toowoomba.

Over time as online lending continued to develop we improved our ability to offer loans by distance without our customers needing to personally come to one of our physical stores. So now we have reduced back to 2 physical stores only- our original ones in Goodna & Browns Plains- which suits our original customer base who often still prefer to come into a store to have a friendly chat. Out of those 2 store locations we are able to serve the needs of all of our customers in every state and territory of Australia who apply online.

Going national

Due to our history the majority of our customers live in Queensland. As some of those customers moved interstate either for employment or with family we found ways to be able to arrange loans for them despite the distance. Those that moved for employment were most likely to travel to Western Australia for mining related work and to New South Wales and Victoria. Tasmania and South Australia were sometimes where people moved to go back to their original home states and the adventurous people seemed to favour Northern Territory. Civil Servants were more likely to make a move to Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Wherever our customers moved to, they were all able to make use of our consistent application method through our website, which over time has continued to develop into what you see here, this website.

Adobe Sign for digital signing

Probably the biggest improvement was when we started using Adobe Sign for digitally signing all the loan contract documents and ensuring that everyone had all the legally required disclosure documents. After applying via the website we email everything required direct to the customer. It’s a great way of speedily delivering to the customer, in an environmentally friendly way with no wasted paper, and creating a verifiable audit trail. In fact we now use Adobe Sign even when people come into a store themselves- they can sign on a tablet in store, and their documents are delivered electronically. In store the option does still exist to have some schedules printed out if that’s how the customer still prefers to receive them.

Purposes of our Small Fast Loans

New applicants often ask us about what purpose they can apply for a loan for. The answer is pretty much anything- so long as that purpose doesn’t show that a loan for that purpose would make your financial situation more difficult. Often people want to cover a perfectly normal expense that they just didn’t plan for.

1. Car troubles

Car break downs, regular services, replacement tyres and exhaust repairs for example are everyday needs. If you have a car, then you’ll have arranged your life so that you need that car. When something goes wrong you simply have to get it fixed so you can continue to go about your normal life. You need your car for shopping trips. You need your car to get to work. You need your car to take the children to school, to sports, back home. It’s a no- brainer, when there’s a problem with the car, it is a priority. The other regular car expenses that can’t be ignored are registration and insurance. The law is the law.

2. Household expenses

Even higher priority than transport is the roof over your head. Your basic shelter and security for yourself and your family is the most important and the biggest expense. The biggest ticket item every week, fortnight or month to come out of your pay packet is the rent or mortgage itself. That has to come first. Then you’ve got all the regular utility expenses like electricity, water & gas. The IT related expenses are often viewed as just as important as traditional utilities by the younger members of the family. Tell a teenager there’s no broadband or mobile phone and you might just as well have told them the house has gone. Before we leave household expenses we need to consider the food budget, a very significant item too. Financing the rental bond is a very common reason our customers need a small loan fast.

3. Children

Expenses relating to children also have a big impact on the family budget and are a common reason for needing a loan. One thing we have no control over is sickness and when a child, or a parent is ill, there is nothing of more importance to attend to. Whether it’s the cost of a shortfall for a doctor’s bill, or for medicine or for dental expenses or any other medically related expense, they are all valid reasons to need a small loan fast. Even when there isn’t a medical problem, children need new clothes as they grow, school uniforms and equipment for school and sports kit and equipment for all their leisure and sports activity. Then there’s the good stuff- taking a family holiday together and treats to help say “I love you”.

4. The fun stuff

We started talking about the good stuff above, like family holidays. There’s also movies and concerts, weekends away together and tickets for your favourite sporting events. Then there’s date nights and dinners out together. Small loans fast don’t just have to be to solve those unexpected problems- they can also be used to give you those happy experiences- the things we all look forward to having- those fun things they make life all it can be. We’re here for that too.