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Small Loans

When you need money fast, a small loan will get you the money you need with no wait. We provide cash loans from $300 to $2,000. We won’t keep you waiting for your money and your credit score isn’t an issue. Just fill out our fast online application to get started.

What Are Short Term Cash Loans?

Short term cash loans are meant for situations where you need cash fast and don’t have time to wait. These loans provide you with money quickly. You don’t have to go through a lengthy approval process and you can get the money you need fast. The loans are based on your income instead of your credit score which means you can have bad credit and still get the loan.

How To Apply For A Small Loan

Applying for a small loan is easy. Just fill out the short application and wait for your approval. Use the loan calculator to figure out what your payments will be and then fill out the brief form.

You won’t need to go anywhere or meet with anyone to get the loan. The entire process is online. The application page is safe and secure. You won’t pay anything to apply and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the form.

We start processing your form right away. We will let you know fast if you are approved. We will send you a contract to digitally sign and once we receive it we will fund your loan right away.

Can Anyone Apply For A Small Loan?

Just about anyone can apply for a small loan from Cash Smart. You just need to be an Australian resident and over 18 years old. You also need to have regular income and a phone number and email address. We make it very easy to get the loan you need. You never know when you are going to need money fast and we make sure that you can get it right away.

How Do I Pay the Loan Back?

We work with you to get the payment that fits your budget. Your loan repayment schedule can extend up to six months and we offer a variety of flexible payment options. Set up an automatic payment so you don’t even have to think about it. Your loan payment will be taken from your account on the due date. No more mailing in payments or getting late fees because you forget to make your payment.

Small Loans For Bad Credit

Bad credit makes it difficult to get a loan from a conventional lender. When your credit is bad most lenders don’t want to work with you because they see you as a risk. With bad credit loans, you don’t have to worry about being turned down since your credit score isn’t an issue. As long as you have some income to pay the loan back you should get approved and you won’t have to worry about getting turned down. The size of the loan that you get will depend on your income and ability to repay the loan.

If you are having trouble getting approved for a loan from the other lenders, fill out the short application from Cash Smart. Your credit history is not an issue, so if you have bad credit don’t hesitate to take out a loan.

If you have been turned down for loans and you aren’t sure if you have bad credit or not you can get a copy of your credit report for free. This allows you to check your credit so you can see what you need to do to improve it.

There are many things that will contribute to a bad credit score. If you have loans that you didn’t pay back or you are far behind on your loans, you can end up with a bad credit history. Bad credit holds you back in many ways and it makes it almost impossible to get a loan. You definitely want to try to improve your credit so your finances are stronger.

The Benefits Of Small Loans

Small loans from Cash Smart give you a lot of benefits. These loans allow you to get the money you need even if you have bad credit. You don’t have to worry about bad credit holding you back when you get a loan from Cash Smart. You can get the loan you need no matter what your credit situation is. You won’t have to wait long either.

Small loans can be used in a variety of ways. They are very helpful when you have an emergency situation and need money fast. You never know what is going to happen. It often seems like emergencies happen when you need money the most. It is a terrible feeling to have your car break down and not have the cash to pay for it.

Small loans give you access to cash quickly that you can use to take care of your emergency. The money allows you to take care of all of your financial needs quickly and you get the cash you need to take care of your financial needs.

Common Reasons to Get Small Loans:

1. Car Repairs

Car repairs can be expensive, and most people don’t have the cash sitting on hand to pay for their car repairs. Car repairs happen suddenly and if you are not prepared you are probably wondering how you are going to pay the mechanic.

A small loan is the perfect answer to your problem. You can get the money you need in just a day or two. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit either. The money goes right into your bank account and you can use it right away to pay the mechanic so you can get your car back. If you have an issue with your car, take advantage of a small loan and get your bill paid fast.

2. Dental Emergencies

If you develop a toothache and you don’t have the money to pay for a dentist, a small loan will help ensure that you get the dental care that you need. You get the money right away and you can use it to pay the dentist. Use a small loan to take care of dental emergencies for you or your family.

3. Unexpected Vet Bills

If your dog or cat gets sick, you will need to get veterinary care and you will need to take your pet to the vet for an examination. Taking your pet to the vet isn’t cheap and you might not have the cash that you need to take care of your pet in the bank. If you need cash fast, a small loan will give you the money you need to take care of your pets quickly. You can use the money to take care of your vet bills and give your pets the healthcare they need to get better.

4. Doctor Bills

If you or someone in your family gets sick, and you end up with a medical bill that you can’t pay you need to make sure that you use a small loan to pay the bill. The loan can be used to get the medical care you need fast. If you have to pay the doctor and don’t have a credit card to pay for the bill or you don’t have access to the cash, take out a small loan so you can take care of your health.

5. Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses happen all the time. You never know when you are going to need to pay for a bill you didn’t plan for. If you are on a tight budget even a small additional expense can throw your budget off and make it difficult to pay your other bills. Whether you need to travel somewhere unexpectedly or you have to buy a gift you didn’t plan for, a small loan makes it easier to manage your finances and pay for unexpected expenses that just can’t wait.

Will I Get Approved?

If you have a job or another source of dependable income, your chances of getting approved for this loan are very high. We will review your application fast and ensure that you get the money you need right away. You won’t have to wait a long time and you can quickly take care of your financial needs when you take advantage of a small loan. It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad credit. As long as you have some money coming in you can get the money you need fast.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Money?

We start processing your loan application right away. If you are approved, we will deposit your funds into your account the same day. You won’t have to wait and you can start using the money right away. Once the money is deposited into your account you can start using it right away for any purpose. You don’t have to deal with any hassle and you get to enjoy using the money without waiting. Small loans are a great choice when you need money fast and you just don’t have the time to wait.

Are There Any Fees?

Applying for a loan with Cash Smart is unfortunately not free. There is an establishment fee of 20% and a 4% monthly fee. As long as you meet your repayments there are no other fees.  We make it easy to pay your loan back and we offer flexible payments that are going to work with any budget or lifestyle. You won’t have to pay any early repayment fees for paying the loan off early either. Pay the loan back on a schedule that works with you. We offer loans with repayment periods of up to six months, so it is very easy to find a loan that is going to work with your lifestyle. We believe that everyone should have access to loans, even if they have bad credit.

How Much Can I Get?

The amount of money you will qualify for depends on how much money you make. Use our free loan calculator to show what your payment options could look like. You can make weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments depending on your income cycle. We work hard to approve you for the amount of money you need. We make it easy to apply for the loan you want and you enjoy a stress-free experience when you work with us. Apply today and get the money you need fast.