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Are you in dire need of a new car? But don’t have the financial boost at the moment? We know how important a car can be to you. May it be a new car, a used one, or maybe you need some cash in hand to repair your own car. Apply online and get a car loan today.

Our online application procedure is simple and quick, and you may compare rates before applying for a personal loan. This comparison rate is only valid for the cases provided. Various comparing rates apply to different fast cash loans.

Our loan application process

Apply for an unsecured personal loan in these simple steps:

  • Visit our website and click on ‘Apply now’ to get an instant cash loan.
  • Input how much cash you want to borrow.
  • Input the car you wish to buy.
  • Upload your bank statements for the last three months to get a car loan from CashSmart.

Cash loan approval process

Your required loan amount and the time for the personal loan will decide the loan repayments and interest rates. Choose your loan amounts carefully. Once approved, the loan term won’t change.

Wait for your online loan applications to be authorised after you’ve finished them.

We’ll match you with a trustworthy lender who meets your lending requirements. We’ll look for other lenders if you don’t like the loan contracts.

Once you’ve double-checked our fees and charges, we’ll send your online application to the loan provider for final approval (20 % establishment fee and 4 % monthly repayment rate).

We will get your funds transferred to your bank account directly.

Why should you stay away from secured loans?

The first and most important reason is that a secured loan requires you to put your car or other valuables up as collateral. A car pawnbroker decides your car’s worth. Although a car pawn loan is perfectly legal, it carries a significant level of risk.

These loans have a lower comparison rate to lure in customers, but they generally estimate your car to be worth lower than it actually is, which means you receive a lower loan amount even when you pawn your car.

How we can help

Get a personal loan for your car with no credit checks. Take out an unsecured personal loan from CashSmart if you need to buy a new vehicle. In all cash loans we provide, you may choose your loan period. You don’t have to go to a car pawnbroker to get some additional cash fast.

We are not affiliated with debt collectors at CashSmart, and we understand how secured loans may affect our clients. Take advantage of CashSmart’s large amount cash loans with low annual percentage rates and a standard comparison rate.

Our online cash loans application process is straightforward. Our personal loan calculator will calculate your monthly payment, and our loan term is only finalised if approved by the client and the payday lender.

Who can apply for unsecured personal loans?

You can apply for a car loan and borrow money if you are 18 or older and an Australian citizen.

As long as your loan amount fits your income, the chances of getting personal loans are high with CashSmart. Thus, try to stick to loan rates that you are comfortable with. You can try getting a small loan too. You don’t need to pawn your car to get a loan today. We understand that it is an excellent way to earn some extra cash fast but remember that you are the one who’ll pay for that later if you opt for secured loans.

Apply for an unsecured loan from one of our online lenders and get cash fast via bank transfer. It will reach your bank account within as little as 60 minutes, with no credit check required. Go through our online application procedure and get accepted for a bad credit loan with correct bank statements and a bad credit rating.

Personal loans with bad credit history

CashSmart can’t care less about your bad credit score, and we pay no importance to your credit history or conduct credit checks. Customers with bad credit scores are equally invited to get cash today via a personal loan from CashSmart.

You don’t have to get a loan against your car or go to a car pawnbroker to get car loans. CashSmart is here with comprehensive loan options for particular sets of reasons. Customise your loan amounts and get a loan today.

Why choose us?

The loans we provide are entirely legal. We have a valid Australian credit licence, and all of our customers are protected under the National Consumer Protection Act 2009.

We don’t provide secured loans against your car. We as a company don’t like to put our clients at risk. Secured loans can be tricky and you can lose your collateral.

Our loan terms contain everything; we don’t charge additional fees or hidden fees to our customers. Transparency and an environment of trust are our company ethics. We always mention fixed interest rates and the annual percentage rate in the loan contract itself.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t conduct an unnecessary credit check on any of our clients. We understand how unexpected expenses can affect one’s life and how it reflects on credit score. We prefer to keep that as it is.

Our whole process of applying for a loan is online. You can get your required cash fast by simply using your mobile phone.


How can I get cash loans from CashSmart?

Every loan application is processed within the same business day or 24 hours. You can get your money overnight and have it transferred directly into your bank account.

How quickly can I get approval for a fast cash loan?

We will begin processing your application for cash loans the same day you submit it. If you pay us according to your personal loan terms, the process will be much simpler the following time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to purchase a vehicle in the future.

What if I might have a problem paying back?

Read the terms of your personal loan carefully, pay attention to the interest rates and don’t borrow the money you can’t afford in your current financial circumstances. If you’re experiencing trouble with your regular payments, give us a call to discuss your upcoming monthly repayments.

What are your business hours?

Contact us on 1300 762 731 between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. We’re here to help!