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Cash Smart is here to help you with your short-term cash flow needs. If you’re looking for cash and you need it now then we are The Money People who can get you out of a short term fix, promptly, with minimum fuss and with no hidden fees.

We have helped thousands of people in the past and we can help you too !

Cash Smart Pty Ltd opened as a micro lender in 2004 and has slowly grown over the years offering our personal loan product. Our first staff members are still with us today. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service and many customers return to borrow again – word of mouth is our best advertisement.

If something does go wrong, just stay in touch with us and do the right thing and we’ll be able to help deal with it. We’re here to help! We now also operate online but we aim to remain just as responsive and accessible as when you come to see us.

We hold an ASIC Australian Credit Licence. We’re also members of the Credit & Investments Ombudsman. You can find out more in disclosure and on the Credit Guide there.

As responsible lenders we will assess all loan applications carefully. Please only apply after carefully considering your ability to manage the repayments you’ll be committing to if a loan is approved.

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We’re Here to Help you with all your Short Term Cash Loan needs. If you are looking for a six month personal loan we can get you approved as long as you meet our criteria. Whatever you need the finance for, Bond Loans, Car Rego, Car Repairs, Medical Expenses, School Fees or Bad Credit Personal Loans we can look at providing Instant Cash Loans for virtually any legitimate reason. And you can now apply online for our Online Cash Loans. To apply for a Cash Loan Online simply go to our application page. Are you looking for an Instant Cash Loan to help with that unexpected Bill then apply now, our Cash  Loans are repaid  with a repayment cycle set to suit your requirements.



Your Cash Smart loan will be transferred straight into your bank account once you have been approved.


Our loans have the following simple cost structure:

20% of principal amount (establishment fee)
+ 4% of principal amount per month.

There is NO Interest charged on our loans.

The easiest way to see how much your loan would cost is to go to our Repayments page. Our Loans have a minimum repayment period of 9 weeks or 61 days and a maximum repayment period of 24 weeks or 175 days.

An example of our standard type loan of $1,000 over 24 weeks would be

Loan Amount = $1,000

Repayments = 24 weekly Repayments of $60 a week = $ 1,440

Establishment Fee 20% = $ 200

6 x Monthly Fees at 4% ($ 40 a month) = $240


If you can’t repay on time please let us know immediately so we can reschedule or adjust the repayment. The fee for missing a repayment or for dishonouring one is $30. If we agree to a request to reduce a payment amount the fee to do so is $20.

We’ll always try to contact you if there is a missed or dishonoured payment, to give you an opportunity to catch up or to work out an affordable arrangement.

If we can’t recover a debt after 60 days overdue we may pass it over to our external collections partner and you may have a default placed on your credit file that impacts your credit history for up to 5 years. So it’s best to always communicate with us if you are having trouble repaying so we can work something out together.


There are no renewal fees. Cash Smart does not renew loans by rolling them over or by refinancing the loan.


We are required by law to make reasonable inquiries about your requirements and objectives in relation to any credit contract suggested or recommended by us; and about your financial situation. We are also required to take reasonable steps to verify your financial situation, to make a preliminary assessment as to whether any credit contract suggested or recommended by us is unsuitable for you, and to not provide you with credit which is unsuitable.

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