Payday cash loans

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Are you in dire need of cash? Do you need cash in your hand right now? Apply for payday cash loans today at CashSmart. The whole process will take only 60 minutes, and you can have your loan amount transferred to your bank account within an hour.

Our online application process for payday loans is uncomplicated and straightforward. Our approval ratings are comparatively higher for quick cash loans. If you need to borrow a loan today but are hesitant about the loan amount or other things, talk to a free and independent financial expert through us.

Our fees and charges for payday loans

We don’t charge any interest rate on our payday loans. We simply follow the government norms in Australia and charge a flat 20% establishment fee with a 4% monthly fee on all of our payday cash loans.

Our fees and charges are clearly mentioned on our website. Other than the mentioned establishment fee and monthly fee, we don’t charge any additional fees.

Pay attention to the comparison rate while you borrow money from us. The comparison rate changes for the lender with a difference in the amount of money to be borrowed and the frequency of repayments.

Our fees are in accordance with the national consumer credit protection act 2009, and our establishment fee for each payday loan is authentic.

Our eligibility criteria for each payday loan

Payday loans or bigger loan amounts are difficult for the lenders to lend to the customers. The risk is high; thus, we need to see more information about the borrower than our regular cash loans. We’ve set some basic criteria in our online application for payday loans.

  • You can apply for a payday loan only if you live anywhere in Australia.
  • You have to be aged 18 or above with a valid phone number and email id.
  • You need to have an active bank account to receive the money once approved.
  • You must have a regular income source. You can benefit from the Australian government, or you can use Centrelink.

We need to analyse your last three months’ bank statements for our lenders and see if they are comfortable lending you money. Pay attention to the comparison rate when you borrow a payday loan.

The usefulness of payday loans

Family expenses

Expenses that can’t wait until your payday include education, medical and other occasional spendings. You can’t get advancements from Centrelink in these cases. You’ll need a loan, so a bit of cash in hand, which you can pay back once your salary reaches your account, is an excellent way to deal with your financial situation.

We at CashSmart don’t care if you have a bad credit score until you have a regular income. If you are on government benefits, the day of the deposit is important for payday loans.

Everyday bills

Our payday loans can take care of your regular bills if you are facing financial hardship for a short time. A small loan can finance your dental bills, electricity expenses, water or gas bills etc. Our zero interest rates on payday loans help our customers to pay off their bills and debts.

You can also apply for cash loans to clear your credit card debts, and with our instant cash loan, you can get the money in your account within hours.

Need of a cash flow

If you ever feel a little cash flow at the end of the month can solve a few problems, apply for a cash loan now. No government benefits will cover these needs, neither will you get an advance from Centrelink. A short term quick cash loan with minimal fees can pay for your emergency expenses.



Car repairs, house repairs, ceiling repairs, paint jobs etc., are problems you just can’t ignore. Our 100% online loan service has got you covered. These fast cash payday loans have flexible repayments and can help our customers with their emergency maintenance bills.


CashSmart offers the best loan service in Australia

  • At CashSmart, you can apply for payday loans with a bad credit score. Our lenders finance your loans online and don’t do any credit checks until you’ve qualified our eligibility criteria.
  • Our business is entirely authentic and holds an Australian credit licence. Our fees are also set according to the government standards.
  • Our 100% online application process is tailored to our customers’ needs, and it’s entirely up to you if you want your cash delivered to your bank account or to collect it in person.
  • Our comparison rate differs with loan amount and how you chose to pay us back. Apply for loans online only after reading the loan terms carefully.


How much can be borrowed?

A minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,000 is what we offer to our customers.

What is a short term cash loan?

It’s a type of unsecured loan we offer. You have to repay the loan within one month. The amount borrowed can range from $200 to $500, and you can choose four weekly repayments or two fortnightly repayments or single monthly repayments.

How quickly can my payday loan get approved?

As in the name, a payday loan approval takes less than a day. You can get your money fast in your bank account through payday loans. If you’ve previously taken personal loans from us, the process gets much quicker, and you can get a payday loan within 60 minutes.

How will I get my money?

The payday loans can be collected in person, but the money will be delivered directly to your bank account for a personal loan.

What will happen if I can’t repay on time?

Once you feel that you can’t repay on time, you should immediately let us know. Once we know about your problem, we can work out a payment plan. We strictly suggest not to miss any of the repayments, as it’ll cost you $30. If you want to request a reduction in owed money, it will cost $20, and our experts will analyse your case.