Personal loans for bad credit

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Bad credit? We don’t care! Personal loans can provide you with the freedom and flexibility that you need to carry out your plans. No collateral is required to get a personal loan, which means you have access to fast cash.

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Getting a bad credit personal loan can help people looking for a personal loan with a bad credit score or credit history. CashSmart provides bad credit loans at low-interest rates to help cover unexpected expenses. We look at your bank statements to help provide you with different loan options at no annual percentage rate and minimal additional costs.

Major banks check your credit score for your personal loan application and do not consider your financial situation. This can help you get secured loans but does not help you get a quick cash loan, which can be crucial for medical expenses or paying off a car loan or home loans.

Our bad credit personal loans help you get loan approval for unsecured personal loans with minimal borrowing costs, including monthly fees, establishment fees and a nominal interest rate.  Our responsible lenders go through the loan application to provide you with the best loan at a competitive rate. Even if you get a bad credit score, you can get unsecured personal loan approval to cover personal expenses and have a better financial future.

How does bad credit history not affect loan applications?

When you are looking to borrow money, getting your loan approved can be a difficult task. You can apply for a personal loan with bad credit, but the bank or credit union does not allow you to get money in your bank account without credit checks for personal loan applications. A bad credit score is usually from an existing loan that has an unpaid monthly payment making it even more difficult to secure finance for people with bad credit.


Bad credit personal loans can help you get any loan amount you are looking for and a credit contract for a loan term of your choice. This enables you to ensure that you can pay back the loan repayments, thereby improving credit scores and helping bad credit borrowers. No one has a perfect credit history. We all have loan repayments left, even from a credit card debt; unlike other lenders, CashSmart doesn’t go through your credit file before approving the loan applications.

Am I eligible to get a bad credit personal loan?

To have a better financial future and get out of a challenging financial situation, people with bad credit should get an unsecured personal loan to improve their bad credit rating. All you need to get the best loan amount is a bank account and a regular income which can even be from Centrelink benefits.


If you have an income source, you can even get a payday loan from payday lenders to help improve your bad credit score. Bad credit loans have low interest rates and effectively have a small amount for your monthly payment. We do not check your credit score; instead, only consider your personal details, and you can get personal loans even with poor credit.  You also have to be above 18 years of age and a resident of Australia to get bad credit personal loans from CashSmart.

How to apply for a bad credit personal loan?

To get a personal loan with a low credit score, bad credit borrowers need to visit the website and apply for a bad credit personal loan or payday loans based on their requirements. They also have to show regular income, which can be Centrelink benefits from the Australian government.

You have to input the loan amount you are looking for and choose among the different interest rates available for your cash loan. People with bad credit can get a personal loan to improve their financial situation and bad credit rating.

In the case of payday loans or a loan with bad credit, we won’t ask for your credit report or credit file and will provide you with a cash loan at competitive rates. Ensure that you check the comparison rate of the loan amount selected by you.

Got a bad credit history? Get a loan today with CashSmart. We’re on a mission to give everyone a fair go, whatever their credit score! Talk to us if you want an unsecured personal loan with no credit checks, and get the help you need. When you need a payday loan, you need it quickly. We understand the urgency of your situation, and we care about helping you out. You’ll get personalised service from our caring team. Apply today!


Do I need to have a previous credit history to get a personal loan?

We perform no credit checks; it doesn’t matter whether you have a previous credit history or a bad credit score to be eligible for a cash loan. We provide competitive rates even with a poor credit rating. Based on the loan amount and the loan tenure, you are provided with an interest rate. Our bad credit personal loans help improve your credit report if you stick to the repayment plan.

How do bad credit loans help improve my credit file?

Whether you have credit card debt or a loan with a high-interest rate, this can lead to a bad credit score. You can improve your credit report by getting a loan with bad credit to pay outstanding amounts from other loans. This process is called debt consolidation, and by refinancing your loans, you can improve your existing credit history.

What happens when I can’t pay my bad credit personal loan?

Our expert financial advisors ensure you receive a loan with bad credit that you can easily pay based on your credit history. If you can’t pay your loan with bad credit for a financial emergency, we always allow debt consolidation on your existing personal loan to help with the process.